Return Policy

1 - How does a return from your country work?

When you return goods to us, the shipping costs are at your expense.

Please return the well-packed goods to us at the following address:


Ch. Champ Perrin 3

1030 Bussigny

Please enclose a note stating your details (name, address, order number, e-mail address) and the reason why you wish to return the goods.

2 - What can be sent back?

Return "without reason": You can return the goods within 14 days. In addition to this period, we grant you an additional right of return of 16 days, subject to a reason for returning the product. This gives you 30 days to return the item to us.

You may return the products to us when they are complete, unopened, in their original packaging intact and in perfect condition for resale. We do not accept products that are used, damaged or whose original packaging has deteriorated.

We recommend that you pack the goods well before sending them to us, so that they are not damaged during transport.

Please also tell us the precise reason for returning the goods and your details (name, address, order number, e-mail address).

3 - How can I get a refund?

As soon as we receive your package - provided everything is in order and the return has been made within the 30-day period allowed - you will be notified of your refund. We can create a voucher for the corresponding amount, if you wish.

If you prefer a refund, it will be made in the form corresponding to the payment method you selected to place the order:

Bank transfer: you are refunded to your bank account. Please give us your bank details (IBAN and BIC) so that we can make the transfer.

PayPal: you are refunded on your PayPal account.

Credit card: you are refunded on your credit card.

The refund is made within a few days. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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