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Unleash your creativity!

DoItBox was created in 2017 by its founder Cédric Baumgarten, then the father of a 2.5 year old girl. This is because it is easy to find DIY ideas on the Internet, but it is difficult to gather all the necessary materials. This is how DoItBox was born, by gathering in a Box every month, the ideas and the necessary material!

No need to anticipate or make additional purchases, the entire DoItBox team goes above and beyond each month to find creative activities with quality equipment, allowing children to have fun and dream.

This allows children to develop their creativity and train fine motor skills, away from the screens! It also makes life easier for parents and grandparents by allowing them to enjoy special moments of complicity while sharing activities. Moreover, it is easy to do DIY at home, but also on holiday or for a special occasion.

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